Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Fine Nest

Because my February will be monstrous with work, travel, and dissertation, I'm getting a jump on the Birds of a Feather group project. Here's my second block:

I really like the way the zig-zaggy background worked here. I also discovered that fusible cut on the bias works just like any other bias, so I was able to whirl my vine around just fine. I'll now be able to take both blocks to my quilt retreat early next month to blanket stitch them. Here's how the two blocks look together--they won't be sewn in this order at all (and, in fact, go in different sections of the quilt), but it gives a nice idea of how the fabrics are playing off each other:

I'm happy I took on this project. It's pushing me to look at my fabrics in different ways and take some risks with patterns and colors.

Also, many thanks to everyone who wrote nice things about my dog--who's a girl, actually. I'd like to put in a plug for adopting rescued animals, especially adult ones. We adopted her about six months ago from a rescue group and couldn't ask for a more wonderful pet. She tolerates us all: kids, grown-ups, and cats.


Diana said...

Hi Malagueta, That zigzag fabric really sets off the applique. In the picture it looks almost 3-D. I've been enjoying reading your blog. Cute dog, too!

The Calico Cat said...

How wonderful that your dog tolerates everyone! (How does the cat feel? Mine hated the puppy that they had to live with for a few months... TOOOOO many puppy kisses! & the poor boy did not know that he could smack her to make her stop....)

quiltpixie said...

I LOVE the background fabric. Very unique

Helen said...

This is looking great. I go away for 5 days and look, a new project is well and truly up and running. Perhaps I should go away more often!