Thursday, March 15, 2007


My son has a thing for pirates. When I say "a thing," what I mean is that he has memorized entire sections of dialog from Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2 and can deliver them in a mean Jack Sparrow imitation; he has enough swords to merit an official "sword basket"; he regularly wears a belt and shoulder belt, bandanna with pirate dreds, and pirate hat; he has a bathtub-ready Playmobil pirate ship fully manned by an odd hybrid family of Playmobil and POTC pirates that is regularly attacked by a tiny octopus "Kraken"; he intends, one day, to marry Captain Jack Sparrow and have a pirate baby (look, I'm there with him on the last one). Perhaps we are enablers, but he's so darn cute, especially when I draw on a little mustache and beard. Plus, I'll take a pirate over a power ranger any day. So, I tracked down some POTC fabric and made him this quickie quilt and will make him a new nap quilt with the same fabric, too. What we won't do for our children!

I've also managed to pull together the do-not-attach-until-later row that goes with the fourth Birds of a Feather block:

I am so liking this quilt! The more fabrics I put in the happier I am.

I had off this week and thought I'd do more sewing but came back from a conference last week with the flucold and was sick for about five days straight, so I did more reading and tv watching than sewing. I watched everything from a fascinating documentary about Lew Wasserman to the new PussyCat Dolls reality show to all my TIVO'd Heroes that I missed while working on my dissertation (this is my new Buffy/Angel). Then, when I felt better, I only wanted to clean the house and catch up on work. Maybe I'll get more quilting done after I defend my diss in a couple weeks. Here's hoping!!