Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Stars at Night

I finished putting together the top for my departing avp's quilt. I really like the way this turned out. I don't typically make a quilt from fabrics from a single line. Almost all the fabrics--except a few homespuns and the background--were from a Fig Tree Quilts line. It made me feel like I was making a quilt for APQ :) The green in the stripe isn't as minty as it's coming out in this photo--thank goodness. I took the photo at night and was too lazy to walk downstairs again to flip on more lights before snapping it.

I've made this quilt at least four times, each in different moods, and it always works. It's neat seeing how the quilt takes on the flavor of the fabric.

I was driving my daughter to a playdate this afternoon, and on the way there, I realized that I passed the back of our house. Of course, it wasn't our house, but it was the same model in a different subdivision. So, after dropping her off, I doubled back to see how they had painted my house--just to get an idea. It looked nice, but I like our scheme better. (I also now know how to fit a pool on the back without losing all the wonderful light we get from our 2nd story windows. Just in case.)

So, it's the same with this quilt. It's always but never the same. I'll make time to quilt it next weekend, well in advance of her goodbye party. The rest of this week I've got to get motoring on the rest of my hand applique'd stars. Why am I doing this by hand again? Think, think . . .

Oh, and I probably need to start counting to 100 when the urge to buy fabric comes on. I broke down and bought a Moda jellyroll of the Sanctuary line. It was a difficult day, and in the end, I thought the Moda version of the roll was better for me than the bakery version. Tough call, though.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cutting Through the Afternoon

This is my fifth BOAF block--freshly finished this afternoon. It plays nicely with the others, and I really like the blue of the bell flowers and the illuminated look of the vase. I've pulled the fabrics for the next block, too, but I'm spending the rest of the month finishing the appliqued stars for the Harvest Moon quilt. I need 14 by June1. I have 5, so I should get there. My mother's day gift was the right to sew all day if I wanted. I sewed and cut part of the day but also baked, cleaned, read the NYT, visited my own mom, caught up on my blogging, and cooked. If my luck holds, I'll get to watch Entourage and walk on the treadmill before the night ends. It's been a good day!

I thought I'd have done more quilting since graduating, but I've had what I'd characterize as a post-book, post-PhD attack of the vapors. I was just so darn tired (and resentful, actually) of running ragged that I took a couple weeks off. I read a novel and lots of magazines, caught up on a couple Netflix movies that have literally been sitting around since February (so that's how they make money!), started walking on my treadmill again, and just hung out with my family. Now, of course, guilt is setting in, and I feel like a laze-about, so I'm kicking it in gear to avoid any onset of type-A anxiety attacks.

So, here's my first new project. Of course, the week after I walked, one of my assoc vp's (and, of course, my best avp) got offered her own vp at another institution--much deserved. So, while I'm scrambling to fill this position, I thought I'd make her a congrats/good-bye/good luck quilt. I pulled my favorite, minimal-effort-with-maximum-results pattern from the shelf: Atkinson's Lucky Star. Here are the fabrics:

I always forget how much (MUCH) cutting is involved in this quilt (though once you plunk down in front of the machine it sails through). I listened to two full hours of the Diane Rehm show online and roasted a lemon/garlic/rosemary chicken while cutting this baby. I want the finished quilt to fill the spectrum from medium to minimal contrast so that it looks faded and soft. I think these fabrics will do the trick.

Did I mention that they are all from my stash--even the two yards of background. When did I buy all this stuff?? These are all from a Fig Tree line (Day in the Country) that I clearly loved--or got as a gift. I seriously cannot remember. This is why I have a no new fabric in 2007 pledge. Though, I've really been tempted by those Moda Jelly Rolls . . . such a clever idea! But, then I look at my vault of fabric and count to ten--or twenty.