Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quilting Bloggers

On the right side bar, you may notice a new button. It's for the new Quilting Bloggers site, created by Michele Foster. The site is an interactive database of (you guessed it!) quilting bloggers. What's neat is that they're organized by country and state--or province for you Canadians, so you can see the work and musings of quilters in your own backyard. Think about submitting your site.


Carol E. said...

Hooray! I just joined, too! (I think.) At least I posted it as a link on my sidebar. Thanks for the tip.

Mishka said...

Hi Malagueta,

Thanks for the post about my Quilting Bloggers site. I really appreciate the support.

I just want to clarify, since Carol was already in the list, she didn't have to do anything else.

If someone else wants to be added to the list, there's a handy form on my site that they submit. Adding the banner to your site is optional, there's no requirement. :)

Thanks again, and Happy Quilting!!

Quilting Gallery

Beth said...

Thanks for the heads up! I just submitted!

Myra said...

I joined a couple of days ago...
Just visiting your blog. Lovely bright quilts! I enjoyed my visit!