Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Long Hot Summer Just Passed Me By

I don't know where summer has gone. The post's title comes from an old Style Council song that really captures the steamy malaise summer can bring. I haven't been suffering ennui, but I have been suffering from overscheduling. For some reason, I decided to teach a freshman comp course in the latter half of summer. While this unpaid gesture has been great fun and I love my students, it--of course--doesn't release me from any of my other worklife obligations. So, I've been running from pillar to post keeping it all up in the air. I'm currently behind on one presentation, one journal article, one service committee, and an entire house of cleaning. Somewhere in the dustier recesses of my brain, summers used to be slower, more relaxing times. Hmm.

We've been switching over computers--got a new iMac, so sleek--so I should get some photos up later because I actually have been sewing. I went on a cool quilt shop lock-in retreat with some ladies from my guild. We got to sew on our own projects for three days (Fri-Sun), while the wonderful shop owner gave us meals, snacks, and company. It was ridiculously fun to have the run of a closed quilt shop. I felt like Corduroy in the department store.

While there, I cut and pieced a full-size quilt for my daughter and began a lap quilt for my new great-nephew in New Zealand. Those are the photos I'll get up later. While sewing these, I've been listening to Tina Brown's The Diana Chronicles, unabridged. The story of this sad, petulant princess really makes engaging soap opera.

I've also signed up for the Four Season's Swap (see badge on the right). This looks to be great fun, so if you're not over-swapped right now, think about joining!

I'll post pictures this afternoon of all my quilty endeavors once I improve my Mac-literacy.

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atet said...

First year comp? In the summer? (actually -- I like the summer, usually smaller classes so you don't have 25 papers to read, but still) Ummm...could have told you that one was nuts! But know what you mean about summer not being as lazy and long as it used to!