Thursday, March 15, 2007


My son has a thing for pirates. When I say "a thing," what I mean is that he has memorized entire sections of dialog from Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2 and can deliver them in a mean Jack Sparrow imitation; he has enough swords to merit an official "sword basket"; he regularly wears a belt and shoulder belt, bandanna with pirate dreds, and pirate hat; he has a bathtub-ready Playmobil pirate ship fully manned by an odd hybrid family of Playmobil and POTC pirates that is regularly attacked by a tiny octopus "Kraken"; he intends, one day, to marry Captain Jack Sparrow and have a pirate baby (look, I'm there with him on the last one). Perhaps we are enablers, but he's so darn cute, especially when I draw on a little mustache and beard. Plus, I'll take a pirate over a power ranger any day. So, I tracked down some POTC fabric and made him this quickie quilt and will make him a new nap quilt with the same fabric, too. What we won't do for our children!

I've also managed to pull together the do-not-attach-until-later row that goes with the fourth Birds of a Feather block:

I am so liking this quilt! The more fabrics I put in the happier I am.

I had off this week and thought I'd do more sewing but came back from a conference last week with the flucold and was sick for about five days straight, so I did more reading and tv watching than sewing. I watched everything from a fascinating documentary about Lew Wasserman to the new PussyCat Dolls reality show to all my TIVO'd Heroes that I missed while working on my dissertation (this is my new Buffy/Angel). Then, when I felt better, I only wanted to clean the house and catch up on work. Maybe I'll get more quilting done after I defend my diss in a couple weeks. Here's hoping!!


Samantha said...

What a lucky little pirate at your house! My son is that way about all things ocean related, and I just got donemaking a fishy quilt for him. It's nice when they are this young and easy to please!

Tonya R said...

Agh, nothing can replace Buffy and Angel.I still miss both series, even though Buffy had slid downhill there near the end. I'll have to read the "8th Season" Buffy comic book series when it comes out in the graphic novel. I don't know if you watch Smallville, but I'm catching up on old seasons and hey, there's Spike without the bleached hair and with a funny accent (not quite American, not quite yob Brit).
I really did enjoy the first several eps of Heroes I saw. will have to wait for the DVD to come out before I get to see them all, unfortunately. No TIVO for me.
Pirate quilt is loads of fun - your son is lucky to be enabled.

gwen said...

I think our sons should meet! I sewed for mine pirate trousers (red and white stripes, ragged bottoms) and an eye cap. It is his favorite carnaval costume. His Playmobils are also well in use. A great idea it was to sew this little quilt! Take care.

Diana said...

That's a cute little quilt you made for him!

Isn't it wonderful how little ones latch on to something like this? My daughter fell in love with She-ra (Princess of Power in the late eighties, don't you know) and went around for months with a blanket tied around her neck as a cape and gauntlets made from styrofoam cups, keeping the neighborhood safe from Skeletor! LOL

I hope he enjoys his pirates as long as he can--enable away!

YankeeQuilter said...

Love the pirate quilt! What a lucky little guy...have you taken him out hunting for buried treasure yet?1

Happy Valley Quilter said...

What little boy doesn't want to be a pirate?! LOL!!!

I became a big POTC fan after meeting Johnny and Orlando while in the Bahamas last year. Check out my blog from Jan 2006!


Quilt Nut said...

lol! has he seen the preview for movie #3? its out in May!

cute quilt

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Eye Matie...that's a right good looking quilt!

Your lucky son!

Shelina said...

That is a great quilt. I can completely understand the obsession with POTC. My nephew likes all things knight, so he has quite the sword collection too.
Hope you are over your flu and cold.
Good luck on defending your dissertation. I'm so proud that you have gotten this far!
Heroes is my favorite show as well. Not too long before the new shows start.

Kelly said...

Love the pirate quilt! You've given me some ideas on the pirate theme.